Build and assess your social media marketing success

Social media is here to stay and influence the way a business is perceived by its market. To make sure that your business makes effective use of social media, here are some tips to help you build your social media strategy and assess its success.

Do you monitor social media?

Start by setting up social media monitoring analytics. Ideally your social media analytics must be integrated with your web analytics to give you an idea of the traffic and activity stats from social media networks. This will also help track various parameters like your business brand names and products. You will also need to monitor competitors’ products to stay abreast of market events.

Data collected via social media must be usable in your business strategies. This means having a system where the necessary action can be taken based on information collected.

Do you have a social media policy?

Have a social media policy in place to guide staff about what they can say or share in public, or on the company blog or website. This can include criteria such as the kind of language or words to avoid. This is especially relevant since you cannot control what customers say.  Make sure there is a backup plan for handling any issues that crop up.

Do you have social media goals?

Social media goals must be integrated with your business goals, especially if you expect it to generate revenue. Social media success is also determined by the involvement of the top management and its support. This must permeate across different levels such as customer service, the sales team, product management, human resources and other divisions across the business.

Are your social media marketing strategies in place?

Decide who you are targeting with your social media marketing and how this audience uses social media, what you want to achieve with social media and the “voice” you plan to use. Your social media must be an extension of your brand and reflect it.  Assign responsibilities to the people who will represent your business on social media platforms. Ensure that social sharing is incorporated in your social media implementation on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+, the four prominent platforms to expand your reach.

Do you have a content marketing strategy and budget?

Create special content in a variety of formats like text, video, images and audio for your social media channels. You can also curate content to enhance your social media efforts. A great way to engage your customers and audience is by using their content. Use your social media content to support the buying process and don’t forget to include relevant keywords.  Since social media marketing involves an investment of time, money and people, make sure you have a budget allocated to it.

Are you measuring social media results?

It is important to measure your reach and success across social media platforms so that you can make the necessary changes to reach your goals. Establish metrics to track your efforts and the results achieved in terms of brand perception, revenue generated and other aspects of business that social media has influenced. Has it increased the number of enquiries? Has it improved customer services? Has it helped build your community?

Establishing social media marketing strategies and implementing them takes time and effort and it focuses on making a positive impact on your business.  An ongoing assessment of your return on investment in social media will help modify and improve your results.

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